A word from Eloïse

In seeing your reflection in your own mirror, surrounded by your history, the people you love, your happy memories, you find peace.

Every now and again, we all feel the need to rejuvenate ourselves, to regain our strength and to move forward - confident that we are on the right path. We need to be true to ourselves.

There are also no limits to the history, the creativity and the beauty of the mirror we can create together - honouring tradition, a passion, people, yourself or a combination of moments that are important and specific to you. This may become your most faithful or fun Piece of Art


About Eloïse

Eloïse Marie Margot is the artist name of french born Eloïse Victor-Thomas. Based in Singapore since 2009, she started her career after years of research and traveling between the world's creativity hubs gaining experience from the various artistic fields she has been working in.

Eloïse dedicates much of her time between Europe and Asia. On each of her travels, she draws inspiration from the decorative riches of Asia, the bohemian refinement of Europe and the colorful heritage of Morocco. Although the artist's atelier is located in Singapore, she ships the mirrors she creates globally.

After spending her childhood in Morocco, she studied psychology, before working in the Arts - initially in Paris followed by London. Please contact her to discuss your projects.

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Eloïse Marie Margot,  portrait.

Eloïse Marie Margot, portrait.