An absolute unique gift - your own world on your own mirror

Eloïse's mirrors have come to be the most perfect and cherished gift. Please do not hesitate to contact her to discuss how this can be done.

The artistic process

Below, Eloïse answers questions on the key stages of the Design process - and how she works together with her client.

What is the first step when a client approaches you for a project?

“I always invite the client to tell me as much as he or she can about what they are looking to achieve. Typically, people ask me to create a mirror for a birthday celebration, as a wedding gift, to celebrate graduation - in other words, defining moments in life, when we celebrate our past achievements and most cherished moments.

Businesses, architects and fashion houses have also reached out to me on numerous occasions, realizing that the mirrors I can create and design for them are able to complement and enhance their own advertising and marketing campagne.”

Specifically, how is the mirror created?

“After several discussions with my clients, I start to gather and arrange a number of visual elements, such as photos, quotes and patterns provided mostly by them. Photos go through multiple stages of enhancement using state of the art graphic design techniques to ensure the desired effect is achieved and that each photo is at its optimal quality. These are then arranged visually within the mirror to create a perfectly balanced visual composition.”

Gathering informations about a hotel for its mirror design

Gathering informations about a hotel for its mirror design

How would you define your artistic technique?

“The photos, patterns and quotes that the client and I choose are not simply printed, they are embedded in the glass itself. My work employs a unique image-transferring technique that make the artwork permanent.

I am very lucky to have travelled extensively around the world, and I continuously draw on my inspiration. Importantly, I realize however, that my creations ultimately evade me - they are a reflection of the lives of my clients, and they exist to tell their stories.”

What type of mirrors can you work on?

“I use a variety of mirrors, that I provide because they need to be of a specific quality and grade. It is also important the mirror fits seamlessly within the personal space of my clients.

I therefore also design with the client the exact tint and shade of the mirror on which I will work and arrange the client's photos and quotes.”

bespoke shade and shape for each mirror

The choice of the mirror's shade is key. Eloïse will help you find the one that will be most suitable according to your design. Below are some examples of the various shades available.

Some of the mirror shades and tints the client can choose from